Original Artwork Commissions

How To Commission An Original Artwork

I love commissions for new artworks. It doesn’t matter where you live, I’m quite used to working with clients from around the world.

This is how it works.

You start by telling me a bit about your feelings about a new artwork. Are there some themes from my work that you like? Are there some colours that you respond to? Would you prefer a painting or a drawing? This gives me a place to start.

Meditation and Concept

I go into meditation and see what comes to me. From this I’ll produce a small sketch or find some way to express my concept for your work.


If you like where we have got to, I do another meditation and commence the process of creating the artwork.

It is important for me to follow my vision.

Commissioned Works

Working with Veronica

To give you an idea of how some of my commissions evolve, I would like to tell you about my work with Veronica.

Veronica first commissioned me to paint something she wanted to manifest – meeting her soul mate. I painted our vision of this for her. She met him soon afterwards and they used the painting as their wedding invitation.

Soon after her wedding she commissioned me again. She was pregnant at the time, but they planned for more. Now they have two lovely children.

The next commission was for a beautiful project she wanted to create in her life.

Veronica is very clear about what she wants and the two of us work well together.

Fee and Copyright

Once you’ve told me a bit about yourself and what you are thinking, we’ll agree on the size, medium and overall fee for the new artwork. The first part of the fee covers the concept phase. The second part of the fee covers painting or drawing the artwork.

As with artworks I create for myself, I retain the copyright in commissioned works, and you have the right to reproduce the artwork for your own personal use. My artworks often have an important life beyond the original canvas – sometimes they are reproduced as prints, in books or otherwise used in public. An optional fee applies if you would prefer to have an agreement with me that the artwork is kept private and not used for commercial purposes.

Commissioned Works


I love drawing and painting. I don’t do portraits, landscapes or anything purely representational. If you are interested in a mosaic, it is a possibility but they cost quite a lot. I work from the heart, not to any prescription – that is how I create.

Commissioned Works

Explore A Commission

Interested? Please fill out the details below and we’ll see where things go.

  • Are there some themes from my work that you like?
  • Are there some colours from my works that you respond to?
  • Would you prefer a drawing or painting? Did you have a particular size in mind?