7 Habits to Release your Sun Heart

It is 7.30am as I sit here writing to you on this huge rock overlooking Kerala in southern India . I am in Munnar, tea plantation heaven. There is so much beauty here and my heart is bursting with gratitude and peace. I think we have all had times when our hearts felt so full.

How can I, or you, keep these feelings of beauty, expansion and joy in our every day lives…and then expand on that? How can we go beyond what we know to be possible, with peace, when our soul wants expansion and our fear wants no change.
This has been my main focus recently. How we manifest our lives from this great viewpoint to create fulfillment and joy beyond our imagination. I believe these following habits are key.

7 Habits to Release your Sun Heart
Creating a life of expansion deep fulfillment.

1.Make time to connect with your heart, your wisdom and your peace for at least 20 minutes every day; so that you can learn to listen to it in every minute. It will tell you which way to turn in times of confusion and guide you to yet unseen times of joy. It gives you compassion and understanding, instead of hurt, and helps you see and manifest beautiful dreams. Just start and new ways will come to you. Here’s a link to some meditations you could try.


2. Do something you love for at least 20 minutes a day. This surprisingly takes discipline but the rewards are huge. You will deepen your connection to this thing to unknown depths.

3. Ditch the habits that don’t serve you. They will most likely have strong grooves so replace them with new habits immediately, to fill the void. You know what they are. They waste energy and time. They deplete you. Just think, you are creating fulfillment and happiness instead of emptiness and fatigue.

4. Create flow every day. It can be physical, emotional or mental ( exercise, serving and creating). I am happiest when I have flow. Flow creates an open heart and an open heart creates flow. Do one thing a day for someone else for no expected return. I hear you…. if you have kids at home.

5. One of the best ways to create flow and open your heart, and often your bank account, is to practice and expand your gifts. You were born to do this! It is so innate to you. Find out the gift to focus on. Is it time to practice an unexplored gift? That would be fun too. How often should you practice this?

6. Practice Manifesting. You are a great creator. Start in small ways. Imagine something you want to create or experience, using all of your senses. Do one action a day towards this manifestation. Check in with your heart that this is the right direction for you. Have unwavering faith and keep your heart open with service. Remember what you focus on is what you create.

7. Rub your hands together and place them on your heart for 2 minutes every day when you wake up and when you need a little loving, or patience.
Or rub your hands together to create chi. When you can feel a ball of energy between your hands, gently bounce this ball on your heart.

You could find that many of these habits come back to the same point. So it may only be a couple more habits a day but creating the habit is the key. I know as an artist that when I keep showing up I reach a point of expansion past my current practice. That’s the exhilaration point.

If you would like support in exploring and integrating your own habits with more depth and a creative burst, you are welcome to join me in my new course.


7 Habits to Releasing your Sun Heart
Ultimately it is about releasing your light. With this in mind there will be lots of help with learning how to draw and paint light and colour. This is my passion and I would love to help you in this area.

April 5th Thursdays 6.30 – 9.30pm OR
April 7th Saturdays 9.30am – 12.30pm
7 weeks


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  • Kathy Arbuckle March 21, 2018  

    Love this Dawn thank you for these simple yet powerful tips

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