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I’m in Love!

You know how it feels when someone really ‘gets you’. They get you more than you know yourself sometimes. They know when you are being true to yourself and when you are not. They know when it is time for a new set of clothes, even when you are hanging onto the old ones that feel so comfortable.

Well, a few weeks ago, one of my students did just that. She ‘got me’ and she very gently called me on it when I asked her for help with my website.

I am in love with my new website … I know that doesn’t sound as juicy as being in love with a man, and you were waiting for all the yummy details, but it is for me, because…..Julia and her husband Glenn have taken 27 years of my creativity and woven it into the most beautiful new website. The thing is, even though I know my classes, paintings and writing are spiritual, and it is pretty obvious to everybody, I have been hesitant to call them that for fear of alienating people and I never want to do that. But my work is from the depths of my soul and what I share in class is also from the deepest places from myself. So my new website shares me, with the world, in a very rich way. I cry when I look at it, because it is so in alignment with who I am. It is very empowering and liberating for me. I hope it is a generous website too. You can read my whole book online now. I want to be able share my art with everyone, anywhere in the world. It is the one of the most powerful ways I can give love.

I went around to their place, opposite Fremantle harbour, early Tuesday to see the website for the first time. We stood on their balcony and watched a huge ship called “Pisces Leader” being gently nudged around in the river by two tug boats, to face out towards the ocean. It is a quite a sight to see this massive ship rotate 90 degrees and see its huge bow facing you.

Pisces Leader

Pisces Leader turning around

I am Piscean and we laughed at the clear analogy of these dear people turning my ship around. They sent me this picture of Pisces Leader setting out on a new voyage, later that day.

When I am making a decision now my question to myself is “Does this choice take me into the harbour or out to sea?” One is safe and one is expansive.

I really hope you enjoy the website too. Please have a look around it. I would love your feedback. There will be a page with Guided Meditations soon. Is there anything else you would like to see there?

Julia and Glenn’s company is called OM4. Of course they are my heroes and I highly recommend them. Be prepared for a great change.

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  • michelle December 21, 2015  

    What fantastic synchronicity! You are a piscean leader:)

    And your website is truly beautiful. It is like those other worlds that you fly in, meditate on, and render on earth in your workshops and paintings.

    Truly inspirational!:)x

    • Dawn December 21, 2015  

      Thank you Michelle. Your words are poetry as always. Yes that boat boasted it’s huge prow at me telling me in no uncertain way that it was turning around. Thank you for the reminder to keep heading out to sea into expansion.

  • Siouxsie Gleisinger December 24, 2015  

    Your new website is just awesome!!!we will meet up soon, i have purchased one of your books…it just fell into my hands……what do you know…hoping the gods will aline and i will do one of your classes in 2016.I get so much from your old newsletters, the new format has expansion and promise inside it. Well done

    Sending you love and blessings
    Have a great christmas..

  • Jenny Frappell July 21, 2016  

    Your new website is inspirational Dawn. It reflects your beautiful soul. Thank you for sharing so much of your wisdom and knowledge and friendship.

  • Eileen Casey August 24, 2021  

    Hi Dawn,
    How are you doing today?
    Your article was wonderful and I hope you will continue to be a wonderful pic
    Picean leader!
    With love and Huuugs ✨ Eileen

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