Which is your core wound? Here is your next step.

According to Mario Martinez, a clinical neuropsychologist, there are three core wounds that we all share . We will be fairly fluent in one of them, attracting the same story into our lives over and over again. AND there are three antidotes to these wounds.

These wounds are the same in every culture of the world. When Mario tried to find more wounds he found that he always came back to these  three fundamentals.

  • Shame
  • Abandonment
  • Betrayal

Each wound causes a reaction in the body and  they all affect our immune system.

  • Shame feels hot and causes inflammation
  • Abandonment feels cold and constricts blood flow; as an adult it also shows up as anger
  • Betrayal feels hot and aggressive


Journey of the Black Madonna

We usually have all three wounds but we will have one that predominates.

Each wound has an antidote, and you treat:

  • Shame with Honour
  • Betrayal with Loyalty
  • Abandonment with Commitment

Once you identify your antidote, everything in your life can start to turn around.

I would say my main wound, my blueprint, was abandonment, which means I was a co-author in creating abandonment in my life.

So Commitment is my healing.

How do you use these Antidotes?

‘The brain is evidence based. Embody the evidence, then bring it into your life.’ Mario

So for commitment start being 100% committed to yourself! Follow through. Commit to your intuition, your integrity, your art and to looking after yourself. Have 100% self-caring commitment.

To embody it…

Think of a time you were abandoned. Then see if you can feel where it lies in your body. Maybe you also have some health problems in that area?

Then remember a time when you were really committed to yourself or someone else. (Sometimes there can be an immediate temporary relief of pain or congestion in the area of the body where you felt the abandonment.)

Now in your daily life start to be committed to others and mostly to yourself. Because abandonment is your wound, your life is good at presenting you with moments when you feel abandoned.

When you have a reaction to something, take a breath, think.. Ok  what commitment can I make to myself right now?



Cherish – Dawn Meader

As you start to embody commitment you will change your energy field and commitment will start showing up more in your life. You won’t be attracted to abandonment so much. You will start to see it coming and choose not to experience it so much. And this wound will start to heal.

I can see even more now, how very important it is to be committed, loyal and honourable to our children and to the child within us.

Another way to embody the antidote

I thank Mario Martinez very much for all this research in this area. I would also like to suggest the following:

  • Combine it with the Tapping (EFT) points.  I also experimented with this technique and found it to be very fast and powerful.
  • Tap in 100% of the antidote.
  • So I would tap in “I am 100% committed to myself.”


Draw or paint in the antidote

And, of course, I also suggest being creative with the antidotes with your art. Creativity creates the new matrix. It is a powerful way to embody the antidote into your life.

Here’s the art technique to do at home or in a 5 week course with me.

Draw around your body on a large piece of paper.

Go through each wound, one at a time.

So, say you start with Betrayal

  • Think of a time you were betrayed. Where do feel this in your body?
  • Now think of a time when you were loyal and connect with the feeling of Loyalty
  • Meditate on an image or symbol that feels like loyalty. Draw or paint that into that space where you felt betrayed.
  • Go through each wound like this.

You are creating a new alignment in your body.

You can keep this really simple or make it into a beautiful big painting.
You can listen to a great detailed discussion on this with Mario Martinez on Sounds True  and visit Mario at biocognitive.com. I would love to know how you go with it.

Mario Martinez is a clinical neuropsychologist , who studies how our cultural beliefs affect our health and wellbeing.

The feature painting is “The Wounded Deer” by Frida Kahlo.

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