Your Life is your Art, unblock the dam.

How to unblock the fears that stop you from successfully and joyfully expressing your true self in the world.

In our truest self we are pure creativity which is continually creating the canvas of our lives. Often though there is a vast difference to the life we create and the person we feel we truly are inside. What is causing the difference?  See what you think of these ideas…The Hills are alive sketch.

Right now, put your attention on your body and your solar plexus (that spot just below your rib cage where you feel fear or a knot when you are worried).  Can you feel how it is right now?  Is it very relaxed or is there some tension there?  Most of us hold some stress or fear there all the time.  It is so integrated into our body we don’t even know it is there!  For most of us it is only until after a good massage or a holiday when it leaves temporarily and our body starts flowing again.


This fear, uncertainty, or stress in our life is like a dam in our body that stops the flow of our true selves flowing out into the world.

Imagine that you are a huge river…

Our divine essence, our truly joyful self (remember when you were a child, those times when you felt so happy and free) is in the mountains and is pouring down in the form of pure water into the river.  Our essence pours out into the world manifesting in our relationships, work, money, home, health and play.  If there is a clear flow we experience deep joy in our lives.  If the river is blocked we become stagnant and as a result lead ‘polluted’ lives.

We feel yukky and somehow feel that we aren’t really living our lives as our true self.  We are half living.  Have you had that feeling?

The lack of flow is created by a build up of ’emotional silt’. Where the river silts up it forms an hour glass shape.  The amount of silt will determine the quality and quantity of water that gets through to our lives.  The water that doesn’t get through becomes unexpressed joy and love and can turn into frustration, anger, depression and lethargy.  It can back up, stifling our expression in our lives and our relationships.

You can also see this picture as a tree of life.  Some people are really good at all the physical things like creating wealth and strong bodies but can’t connect with their heart and feel empty.  Same thing, lots of silt.


What is the silt made of?

There is so much out there on this at the moment.  It’s fantastic.  This is how I understand and explain it.

Your life is created by your actions and thoughts.

Your thoughts are created by your subconscious mind.

How life is dreated through beliefs sketchYour subconscious mind is where you hold your core beliefs.  A core belief is something that you believe to be true at your deepest level.

Your core beliefs are created through your foetal and childhood environment, your ancestors, your activated DNA, and your soul memories.

Core beliefs that are not in alignment with our true essential self (our soul) make the silt.  When we come into alignment with our true self we start busting the silt dam.

An obvious one for me was “Artists can’t make a good living out of art.”  That one needed to go.


Silt can be good for you.  

Why?  Because the silt is made up of our challenges.  Your greatest challenge is your best friend.  It kind of works like the complementary colours: you need the green to make the red sing.  You need the base chakra drive (red) to bring your heart’s action (green) out into the world.

You will probably have one challenge that is always showing up in your life.  This challenge is the one that stops you most of all from being your true self.  This is your key.  Every time it shows up it is inviting you to walk through it and experience a greater part of you: the you that is your soul singing.  This challenge is your signpost of what is going to get you to the next layer of being your true self. 

Columbus sketch

So, say you are terrified of speaking up for yourself.  Opportunities will come up where you have to speak out or suffer.  Every time you speak up for yourself, some silt is going to unblock and a whole load of fresh water is going to start coursing through into all these different areas in your life.  Not just one area but many areas.  You’ll start to feel you are coming alive!  Every time you speak up for yourself, you will be getting more lifeforce running through your veins.  You will be accessing deeper purer water in your river.

My challenge is to shine my light and share what comes to me and not care about making a fool of myself.  So sending this to you is both a challenge and exciting for me.  Every time I send out a newsletter I get a burst of joy.

What is the most repeated challenge you have in your life?  Think about it and write it down.  This is your ally to busting your silt dam.

Your challenge is your lifetime friend.


How to do you shift the silt?

There are so many wonderful ways to do it.  Here are some.  Each seems equally important to me, so there is no particular order here.


Do something that is creatively playful at least once a week.

As an artist I am very passionate about this one.  Why?

Because when you are creating you don’t just have a shower of your truth being expressed, you have  a downpour.  When we create from our hearts, the downpour washes away the silt.

children running in the rain

So when you paint, draw, write, sing, cook, dance or whatever it is you do, to get the most benefit from it leave your mind out of the picture and go for it.  Don’t hold back.  Be curious and experiment.  Be open to changing all the time.  Trust your intuition and follow your heart with every brushstroke and you will feel the flood water start to push away the dam as you work.  Joy will start trickling and then flooding through you.  It will wash through you into every area of your life and revitalize all those tributaries that haven’t had fresh water for a while – like your love life, your business or your health.  When you create from your heart, you make more DHEA (your youth hormone) – and you release stress.

Even if you don’t feel inspired, just begin and the river will soon start to flow.  Listening to your heart in this way really develops your intuition and the connection between your inner and outer worlds.


Trust your intuition and act on it.

The more you develop your intuition through your creative practice or meditation, the more you can discern between the voice of your subconscious and your soul speaking.  Find your way of developing your intuition: it dissolves the silt.  My constant way is to listen all day to my inner voice, my intuition, and always try it out.  I soon find out if it is an illusion or my soul speaking to me.  I try to remember to use my intuition for everything including what food to eat, when to rest and when to play.  I forget sometimes but hey – I am always learning too.


Try this visualization daily

Waterfall and manI find it really powerful to actually see and feel the block in my solar plexus dissolve and to see water rush through it.  I see a waterfall of light pouring right into my crown all the way though my body and out of my feet.  I focus on my solar plexus and feel the plug of anxiety dissolve or push through.  I see my solar plexus opening and widening.  I continue with this visualisation until I feel it is running clear and wide, and then I start to fill and expand myself with this light.  This is a powerful thing to do before any creativity.


Shift the core beliefs that don’t serve you

Core beliefs that don’t serve you are thoughts like “I am not creative” or “I could never make enough money doing what I love” or “I can’t create a loving relationship” or ” I don’t have enough….”

I have used meditation, Theta healing, EFT and hypnosis to great personal benefit.

In Perth, Australia, I highly recommend two energy healers, Mary Choo on 0433 489 875 and Jacqui Bell on 0438 617 730.


So what are you going to do about your silt?

You have a deep source of the purest water and joy that is waiting to express itself into your world in a way that will enliven your life on all levels.  What is your next step?  If you would like, you can write to me and tell me what your action is as a way of commiting to yourself.

Burst the dam!

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  • Suk narayan Shrestha March 2, 2017  

    Awesome though I really like to read the book

    Thanks for your email

  • Iris Whitelock March 2, 2017  

    Hi Dawn, I love what you write. It is exactly what I am looking at with a group tonight: the heart’s desire(s) and the barriers. Thank you for your post, and you never make a fool of yourself as far as I am concerned. Blessings, love, light and colour in abundance to you!! xxx iris

  • kathy arbuckle February 8, 2019  

    Feeling stuck today and this was the perfect medicine for me to read. Just love this thank you Dawn Xo
    The waterfall visualisation and your silt analogy has helped me get clear some of the gunk holding me back and is helping me to embrace and allow my divine true self to come through more. thank you beautiful wise woman!

  • Vonna February 20, 2019  

    Very lovely and comparative to life in a summary. I can envision the river as you describe it and am meditating on this theory before bed. I can already feel it working and have not even fully applied it to my life. Thank you for your assistance. Peace.

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