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Why do you resist what your soul most wants?

Our natural state is to grow and expand. Our soul wants and longs for this.

Why are we so resistant to giving our soul what it really wants? Why do we get stuck in a bog of apathy? Is it because the fear we feel is so sticky that we don’t seem able to lift up our legs and walk out of the bog into the sun?

Maybe life has become too comfortable?

We often don’t want to leave our cosy armchair….the one that has shaped our body to its own curves. The pain starts when soul wants to grow into a new shape. If only we could see how our soul would blossom once we leave our armchair behind.

Is your life not really what you want right now? We often keep looking for happiness in the place where we think we lost it; but what that loss has given us is an opportunity for our soul to expand.

There is a tendency to think about what we don’t like much of the time when things are chronically tough. This gives these negative thoughts more energy, enabling them to become a belief. As Esther Hicks says “A belief is nothing more than a thought that we keep on thinking.” This belief is not necessarily a natural or spiritual law… rather it is your idea of reality that could be keeping you stuck. Like” I can’t do what I love and feed my family.”

As Steven Pressfield writes in The War of Art:

The more scared we are of our calling , the more sure we can be that we have to do it.

It’s a great book. He lists every possible kind of Resistance that stops us from writing our great novel, or painting our truth, or launching that long thought-about business venture, or finally getting fit.

So how do I breakthrough my resistance? Getting out of the bog can take time as we may have developed muscles that keep us there, ‘blame muscles’ … instead of ‘create muscles’. Blame muscles can induce inertia and keep you in neutral.

So put your car into gear and DRIVE, just drive anywhere to start the wheels moving again, then you can decide where you want to go. You can put your car in gear by writing, painting, creating, anything….. It doesn’t matter if you think it is awful. You have started!

You will feel the gear shift. But don’t stop driving too soon as you won’t get far enough away from the bog and could slide right back into it. So begin each day with your creative exercise and you will start living with passion and that awful pain of not being true to yourself will start to dissipate. Creativity unblocks dams, lets the silt flow out and allows dormant ideas to come to the surface.

Keep driving towards the sun, keep looking at what makes you happy. Train your mind to look for happiness every day. This will really help you to overcome your resistance.

Here is what I do. I have been focusing on really living at my Soul’s full potential for the last 8 months and my life has expanded … I have two beautiful art commissions for 2015 and I am both excited and fearful in a good way. I find that fear sharpens my intuition. I don’t expect to know all the answers immediately, but I know there is a powerful force of love and creativity working through me as long as I keep connected to my Soul and stay open.

I listen to my inner guides, my intuition, regarding every decision in order to develop my ability to express my soul and the infinite source as much as possible, especially in my art.

Cherish - Painting by Dawn Meader

Cherish – Dawn Meader

Exercising and painting are where I have my greatest resistance, even though I love doing both of them once I get started. I don’t paint daily when I am running retreats or workshops and I have to get myself back into the painting routine again. I find this very hard but can’t bear not to do it. I feel unfaithful to myself, when I don’t show up for my art.

And if I listen to my inner guides and show up daily for my physical exercises and painting…the shift happens. But as you have probably guessed, this means:

daily practice … daily practice … daily practice.

You’ll not get to breakthrough point if you don’t have daily practice; you might get the initial thrill, but then you’ll just tread water and get bored or frustrated. You probably won’t get the creative juices flowing enough or develop the abdominal muscles you want. You’ll be on a maintenance plan and not a growth plan.

Daily practice … daily practice … daily practice …. Show up… show up… show up

Every time you do this, your heart expands, growth happens and everything else in your life starts orchestrating to the hum of you basking in your Soul’s full potential.

You don’t need a great idea to start. Your soul wants to grow and expand but it does not need a particular project in mind. You just need to start and a passionate project will appear. Creativity kills apathy. Just start.

Start focusing on what makes you happy…..not on what you don’t want. If something is bothering you, stop looking at it and start creating instead. Just try for a month and see what happens.

Listen to your inner voice, your intuition, as much as possible.

Put the car into gear and write, paint, sing, anything! Just start! I usually don’t like my initial sketches, but they are potent seeds.

Walk towards your sun every day by showing up no matter what, even for just an hour of daily practice. When you show up, you are not alone. The universe really does conspire to help,with muses, synchronicity and outcomes you can’t even dream of now.

Walk Towards Your Sun - Dawn Meader

You will break through and it will ripple throughout the rest of your life.


Did I tell you…..


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One comment

  • Dorene Johnson February 25, 2022  

    Beautiful words so needed for my soul ?Thank you for your work.
    I wish I were sitting with you and could feel all that love. I was stuck a lifetime and only have ones around who have been stuck too. As an empath, I was a moth to the flame of souls who needed light the most. Due to the pain and exhaustion, my soul exploded in what is known today as an Aha moment. (2020) I went from a soul completely buried and blinded, to a soul that now oversees. Having the answers to a lifetime of decisions and losses is so saddening but, truly a gift. Not so much for the ones around me however. I’m old now, well I’m hoping for 20 more years, but I have a whole lifetime of writing to do. The topics/books goes on forever and I’m very overwhelmed as I look at all my unfinished writings. I now see them as ‘seeds’ as you wrote. I have been working on the negative thoughts/worry that flood my head in the morning. I now see those as fuel for the lazy muscles that have been fixed on zero self-worth for so long. I now see it’s me looking for my happiness in my loss and grief. Thank you, I had to let you know how I needed to hear that. You are so right about the moving everyday. I gave my self a 30 day challenge and felt it. It was amazing! I also melted the first time I heard classical piano. My body showed improvement right away and I was getting a handle on my sciatica. Then like you stated, I took a small trip and let it go. I didnt make it priority and as soon as something or someone comes along, I go out the window and back to my hole. My co- dependency and isolation are so strong.
    I believe we are all working on our orchestras. Our orchestra is all of our emotions, love, hate, anger desires and dreams . We are the conductor. Where can you find more passion coming out of a human being than a conductor conducting his masterpiece. That’s a soul at its prime contributing to humanity and the evolutionary ladder of our souls. My song would be ‘Imagine all the souls conducting their love in perfect harmony……’ when you do something you love and your soul is happy, you cant help but spurt out love all around. Of course, you being a person who did seek and practice and study, you ARE conducting your soul and that’s a beautiful thing. I’m trying, for this lifetime anyway. Thank you, thank you. I cant wait to explore your art/website. Dorene

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