Mosaic in progress of lotus pond

Why commissions can be tricky…. or not.

Like most artists, I am used to inspiration coming from an outside source (India for me at the moment) or from somewhere deep within, or both. When it comes, it just has to be expressed. I gradually feel my way through the painting and it’s ebbs and flows, always tuning in to what is feeling right and where it wants to go. I always do a meditation first so I can be as clear as possible; the whole process is a meditation.

With a commission, I am also constantly tuning in but I am always aware of feeling whether this is right for this person and that feels really different. When I have tuned in and they don’t like the second or even third draft; I start questioning myself.

Lotus pond 21_5_15I go back to my dear client and talk, and then create another draft. We are finding our way together. Occasionally there is lots of too and fro and I get stretched and grow in ways that I wouldn’t have grown by myself. That is the blessing that I resist the most. I am working on a commission like that right now. I have learned so much. It is a mosaic for a home in the USA and will be in the Brahmasthanam of the house. This is the naval, the core, sacred, centre of a home that has been designed around the natural laws. It’s a beautiful commission. At one point I couldn’t relate to it, as I just couldn’t “get” what my client wanted. It felt like it became her art piece. The turning point came when I did a meditation where I saw the mosaic and I as one entity. I had separated myself so much from it, to try and understand her. Now I love working on this mosaic. It is my heart. This technique feels different from declaring myself as a channel for spirit. I also thank my client for being so patient with me and for giving me such a wonderful opportunity. This picture is the final painting we agreed on for the mosaic which will be 3 x 5 ft in glass mosaics. It is a mixture of cut glass mosaics and sheet glass.


When I start a commission or any painting of my own, I start by making a blessing to the person who will own it. I bless them and ask for spirit’s guidance to create something that will make their soul sing. Once, when I did this, I felt the heart of the person who was going to buy it and their heart was so beautiful, I started to cry. Then unexpectedly, my sister bought it from me. It still tears me up thinking about it.

I am also doing a commission for a dear lady now, who every other year asks me to paint something that she wants to manifest in her life. She gives me complete free reign. Her life has changed drastically. She has manifested a husband and two children in a few years. I guess we are a good team.

I would be very interested to know how you go about doing commissions.

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