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Living your Life Purpose ‘Imperfectly’

There are four core things that I think enable Living Your Life with Purpose.

  1. Connecting with your heart and soul in every moment possible so that you can open your dam, fill your well and overflow into the world. This means allowing vulnerability.
  2. Becoming aware of your innate gifts and living them.
  3. Finding your hidden theme for your life purpose which may not be your obvious gift and may be  very challenging. There are some good guides later to find these.
  4. Accepting that you really are perfectly imperfect and are meant to be… that is the whole point  of being alive.

We are people who need to love because love is the soul’s life”

Yes Yes Yes! For me this is the premise for everything And you are unique so how is your journey unfolding within this premise? How will this love flow through you to make your heart shine in this life in a way that really fulfils you.

The power of creativity to connect with heart and soul.

Geshe Michael RoachDid you ever read the book “The Diamond Cutter- the Buddha on Strategies for Managing your Business and your Life “by Geshe Michael Roach? Michael is a Tibetan Buddhist monk who built a lucrative international business in the diamond industry, turning an initial $50,000 investment into hundreds of millions of dollars in New York. One of his business premises was that he always worked 4 days a week and allowed one day for pure creativity because this one day affected his business so much. It allowed him to be more in the flow with all of his endeavours. He also did this with his staff.

When we allow ourselves to become truly in the moment, when time just disappears, when we are having so much fun we don’t even know how we just did that drawing ,made that meal, wrote that story, sang that song, we start to release the dam of wisdom that is within us so that it can pour into the lake that holds our life’s story …..and we connect with our heart and soul. We start to allow instead of wanting to control.

We are able to access knowingness that is not available by logic and study. When we regularly activate this area, we awaken it more to its fullest potential and are then able to more easily access it when we need to, not just when we are in the zone. When we are in the zone our heart is fully engaged too.

Instead of turning over your problems, try letting them drop off in your expansion.I find when I am expanding through creativity with an open heart things like forgiveness and gratitude are easier to find.

I think of my relationship with my creativity in the same way I would think about a love relationship. The more I honour it by nurturing it with my presence , my love and commitment, my curiosity and my respect the more it opens to me and reveals treasures way beyond my imagination.

Creativity is a source of love and  it infiltrates into all aspects of our lives.

It seems crazy sometimes that I get so busy with my life I don’t allow time to do the very thing that will enable my life to flow with so much more ease.

So what are you regularly doing right now in your life that puts you in the zone, that expands you to be more in your joy and your authentic self? What are you curious about? Also what are you doing that gives joy to others? These two coupled together can really get the rest of your life flowing with more ease.

“But I am not really gifted in these things!”, you may say.  One of the things that can help you get in the zone is accepting that being perfectly imperfect is a wonderful way to be. We are human and therefore not perfect in any way. Our wholeness is in our duality, denying your shadow is leaving half of you at home every time you go out.

Try this to help with any self doubts or self criticism you have. 

The WarriorWrite down what you don’t accept about yourself. You can go through, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.Just enjoy writing the list, get into it. If you were to make a pie chart of things you accept about yourself and things you don’t, how big would the negative section be?

This is how much you are not honouring your soul’s journey; it’s commitment to be here on earth and experience everything! It’s knowingness and absolute blind commitment to you being alive here in a physical imperfect body. I know it a paradox to what I said earlier about expanding and letting doubts drop away but as with many things it is the same coin. Then draw a mandala. Start at the centre with your higher self and then with each concentric circle think of one of these things that you may find difficult to accept in yourself  and make a pattern. As you draw open your heart to this part of yourself. This is an honouring to all of you. You are a whole person, not half a person. So let’s honour all of you. All of you.

Year’s ago I saw my son’s guardian angel looking at him when he was sleeping at night. Charlie had been such an insolent young teenager I had sent him to bed early and  it was on that night that I was allowed to see this being of love looking at him with complete respect and honour for having a physical incarnation and all that that entailed. It was a whole new understanding of unconditional love for me.

So how does this help me find my purpose?

The Arrival - Dawn MeaderThere is so much written about this. The thing that is your purpose is most likely your challenge too so it is not always obvious. But your gifts are the first place to look. Using your gifts enables your light to burn brightly and it serves others in some way too. I think my mum does this well. She is so connected to her heart that she is a light to everyone around her. She has this gift of being able to connect with people’s heart and so she is incredibly accepting of everyone.

You will probably find that the thing that puts you in the zone, the thing you love to do or our curious about, is also one of your gifts, even if you don’t think of it that way. You don’t have to be a genius at something for it to be your gift or have to make money out of it. It is how you use your gift that is part of your purpose.

What’s your purpose theme? The tune that underlies everything?

Living your Purpose also usually has an underlying theme that is a challenge too. It makes us grow and is very rewarding. For me my art is my obvious gift but it is how I use my art that is a huge part of my purpose and my challenge. So we are usually growing into our life purpose.  I think it is like a coming home when we find it. That was my experience anyway when I first married what I was comfortable with (but not totally fulfilled) nursing, with my art and started teaching art from the heart. Of course I am still growing so keep stretching and changing further. I think like most of us I dislike feeling stagnant and love growth so love the challenge even though I often complain about it.

I have been shown two great resources for finding out your hidden purpose quite quickly. One is with Dan Millman who wrote Way of the Peaceful Warrior. He has a Life purpose calculator for finding your hidden calling.

Go here and put in your birthday. It really is interesting what comes up. Mine is all about being recognised.. this brings my gifts out into the world and propels my journey.

The other is Finding your North Node. I am not talking about some hidden node on your body; it’s an astrological term. It is an indicator of the ideal way to face the challenges or lessons during this life. You can find yours here. It is only an outline but is interesting and it may ring a bell for you.

I really recommend taking this information further into meditation and asking how it can help you live your life with more joy and authenticity.

I love this quote:

You are a divine elephant with amnesia trying to live in an ant hole.

It helps me laugh at myself, tripping over my tusks every time I try and fit into some limited idea of how I think I should be.

You are the most incredible unique perfectly imperfect being, so go out there and trip over your tusks as much as you need to, as you explore beyond the ant hole and into your wholeness.

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