The Best Colour Mixing Tip

This tip is so simple. Some colours are just a little harder to mix than others; the less obvious ones, like flesh tones or shadows. You cannot find them on the colour wheel but you can use the colour wheel to help you mix them.
Hold up your wheel next to the colour you are trying to mix. Often it is easier to say.. ” well it is not red, not purple, not yellow..” and keep going until you find the one that it is closest to … The wheel will help you find it.
Then, as it not going to be the exact match on the colour wheel, add a little bit of the colour on the opposite side of the wheel. For example the blue ocean is often not bright blue, so add a little warm red.
Then you need to get the tone right, which can often be done with adding white.

Colour Mixing Bonnard and palette swift


I hope this helps you. Happy Painting!

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