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Manifesting the Life that makes you Thrive

When we are really thriving, on some level, there is an awareness of our own greatness and the greatness that is within others.

When we are truly thriving, we are both connected to the earth and to our divine self. There is a continual flow between our divinity and the earth. We flow effortlessly out into the network of energies that connect us all.

The more we are in alignment with our most true self the more we flood this network with well being, and in return are filled with more love and creativity. Our thoughts become reality very quickly and we expand beyond our horizons, with possibilities popping up out of seemingly nowhere.

Here are some tips you may like to try for creating this life.

Make a list of what makes you thrive. Go through your life from birth, year by year, and write down the things you have done or places you have been where you were thriving. Thriving doesn’t have to be a huge passion, it can be peaceful and can encompass gentleness. Thriving doesn’t have to be all happy but you know you are alive and growing and maybe it is challenging, but, it feels good.You can break it up into areas like, relationships, family, health, career, places you have been, spirituality, leisure and creativity.

Now make a list of your values. Do your values clash anywhere with what makes you thrive? You may have some values that are from belief systems that no longer serve you. Clear the beliefs that block you. You could try Theta healing or hypnosis to find out and clear where you are sabotaging yourself. There are so may healing modalities you can try these days.

What is your domino? 

There is one thing, that when you do it, has a domino effect on everything else in your life.


Relationships, money….. Find out the one thing that is going to set everything else off. Mine is painting and I am lucky because this is pretty clear to me.  I know it is not always so obvious but if you start off with the first exercise of listing what makes you thrive this will help you.

Fear is normal, so because of this we set up amazing sabotage strategies.
Bust through them. Just know that when you start doing what makes you really thrive, it has a domino effect on everything in your life. I just trust that the abundance flows from here.

The trick is to be really clear about which one is the domino. Creatives often have lots of projects which can scatter you and don’t necessarily have a flow on effect.

Try this as a start… Go into a deep meditation. Connect yourself with both heaven and earth and imagine you meet with your guide or your higher self in a place of great inspiration to you. Ask to be shown very clearly what your domino is so that you can thrive joyfully in a way that is in complete alignment with your soul.  When you can see this step or intuitively feel it, imagine with your whole being what it would be like to already have that way of being in your life. Imagine how your heart would feel.

When you are in a deep state of meditation, your thoughts are manifested much more quickly. You want to make sure you are creating something that is in alignment with your true self.

You can use this HU meditation to bring you into alignment with your wisdom and your heart and then ask the question from there.

Paint or draw yourself manifesting your incredible life . Putting creative energy into your thoughts makes them much more powerful. Draw the flow of the divine coming into you and out into the earth. Place what you want to create both inside and outside of your body. Here is an example.

The focus is on me in the picture because when I am thriving and in balance everyone around me benefits from this. Creating the picture  creates the mould for the physical reality to fill. Witnessing your dreams, by being creative, calls them into action.

The thing that makes you thrive may be challenging too because it will make you grow. It may not be the the way you make your living. But when you start truly doing it, it may change the way you earn your money.

When you step into your greatness you are going to have so much heaven fertilizer pouring down into you and so much earth fertilizer coming up into you people are going smell you from miles away.

Have fun finding your thriving domino and then I wish you much love in bringing it into your life. It is something you were born to do and will make you so happy.

I am kicking off the first week of the next course on April 3rd with a visualisation to see the one thing that starts your domino effect and a life sized painting to bring it in.

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  • michelle December 21, 2015  

    Love the value clash suggestion:)

    As you know, I have just seriously committed to my writing vocation. I have had to vanquish many antiquated values, just to reach commitment threshold. Only, until I read this post I wasn’t clear that that was what I was doing. Thanks dear Dawn.

    ps. And of course, now that I have crossed the commitment threshold, the pesky an old-school values don’t go completely away, they take on new shapes, and periodically still need to be hosed down.

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