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Why Art is the Pathway to Love

Do you yearn for a deep heart connection with another soul, or even with your beloved? This is common when we are single, but even when we are in a loving relationship there can be a yearning for a deeper heart connection; for the bliss that love can bring.

But it takes time to get into this flow with myself.

When you paint or draw you have the potential to open up to more love, greater wisdom and more intuition. You can take risks, you can bear your soul. You can let your vulnerable beautiful heart be free…. if only you can get your mind to stay out of the way.

Melinda and Daughter

Melinda and her daughter Illa after a great day of drawing

Painting from the heart is a risky business. It brings change.

When I am an old dame hopefully I will have jumped off the cliff many more times in answer to my heart’s call to take the next step, even when I can’t see the place of landing; I hope that I gradually develop my knowingness and my wings, so that I can trust the jump more and more and maybe land with some more grace.

Painting helps me grow my wings. It wakes me up, to both my inner worlds and my outer life.

When people first start to learn about colour in painting classes, they come back the next week saying how they have noticed all these colours in their life that they hadn’t been aware of before; like the violets in a blue sky or the blues of the distant hills. When you truly start expressing your heart in art, you start to see the wonders in life that you may not have noticed before. This colour opens doors straight away.

If you listen to your heart with every moment as you paint, you slowly start to open up previously hidden chambers of your heart and light begins to flood through the windows of the dusty rooms that you have kept shut up. As a new room is lit up, more wisdom, intuition and love is made available to you. It radiates out into your painting and into your life. Love is drawn to you.

Light Streaming

Morrocan Light Streaming

Can you imagine the difference this makes in your daily choices and how you experience the world?

How do you discern what is the heart and soul talking, and what is the ego talking?

One grows your wings and one grows your ego.

I believe that art has a great capacity to teach us this discernment. It is the most wonderful mirror for life. The ego wants to be right and to be perceived as good at what it does. Soul just wants to express its essence. It doesn’t care about perceived failure. Practicing an art form gives you a great space to practice listening and experimenting with this.

The ego is our constant companion in art. I seem to have to step over mine fairly often. “Dawn that looks bad, that looks cliché, too this, too that…. ”

My soul just feels its way through a painting or if it does speak, it might say “Put this colour there…yes, trust this, because later you will need this colour to resonate with another one that you don’t know about as yet, because as soul, I already know your whole painting.”

“I already know your life.”

“I would never criticize you, only point out to you your next step and keep creating more and more balance until your painting is resolved. I might even tell you to rub the whole thing out because I want the resonance of what has gone before.”

“I don’t judge you. If you have a critical thought, it is not me talking to you.”

I have found when painting, if my intuitive nudges are illogical they are often right.

Don’t worry about who will be looking at or listening to your creative work. This takes you into judgment and limiting thoughts. Just listen to your heart. It already knows who will benefit from this painting. Maybe it is just for you.

Angie in Bali

Angie with herself in Bali

Other souls recognize expressed essence.

It is not competitive, but resonates and stirs another soul on an inner level that is beyond ego. When we listen and paint from our heart, using our passion and feelings to express ourselves, we are energized, our hearts open and we soar. It is this that brings me tears of joy. Usually, at an evening art class, students weary from work, become energized within a short time from their art and from being with each other

Soul is naturally balanced and in harmony.

Your soul wants to be expressed as you are right now, not later, when you are ‘better’ at drawing or painting. Our frustration is our perceived physical skill level and our inability to allow what we think is right, to give way to what we feel is the next step. Soul doesn’t care about producing great masterpieces. The funny thing is when you only listen to your heart you do produce great works.

There is nothing like a heart expressing itself unimpeded by ego.

You are a beautiful soul trying to flourish in your human existence and it is this struggle between the two that can make for great beauty and connection with another. We all have this. Struggle. All of us. Why would you be any different?

Learning Bonnards Palette - Dawn Meader Art Classes

Learning Bonnards Palette

Develop the skills to paint so you don’t struggle so much. Learn to listen to your heart whilst learning skills. The two can go hand in hand. If you always know your outcome there is no room for surprises, so just let your painting unfold moment by moment.

All this listening helps us on our pathway to greater joy. When we are connected and are expressing our hearts, we truly are in heaven at that moment. That is why we love to be in the arms of our beloved… but your heart can find this space and beyond when you step into the flow in your art . Your beautiful heart is set free.

Art Class

So I encourage you to pick up your brushes, open up your piano, write your story, sing from your heart and go with it, past all the ego barriers, past all your excuses; because your soul has something it wants to say and this release is the sweetest joy….just start by saying ” What do you want to say?”

If it feels sluggish to begin with, imagine that you are in a marsh and that you are walking out of it. To begin with your footsteps are heavy but as the land dries out you get lighter and lighter in your step… until you can run, arms open wide.

So go for it. Start walking. Take one step today. If you would like to share your experimenting I would love to see it.

Art Classes in Perth with Dawn Meader

Ange with her Mandala in Bali-2013

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    Wonderful!:) I love this. I’ve decided to jump of the cliff with out my ‘ego’ parachute as many times as I can from now on!!! 🙂 Until I can fly:) Thanks

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